A Vendor Review from the AANP Conference 2014

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As a vendor attending medical conferences, Herbalix Restoratives (www.herbalix.com) often interacts with the participants. Most recently we attended the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Conference (AANP). Most of us have more than likely never attended a medical conference where practitioners spend several hours each day attending lectures and scoping out booths looking for products offering medical solutions.

At the AANP many of the vendors carried supplements to address a multiple of health issues. Evidence based studies help the practitioners make informative decisions on what best fits their patients. Herbalix topical detox products can be a challenge for practitioners as topical detoxification is a new field of science for many.

Many of the practitioners use oral chelation products which do not directly address the targeted area of the body it is intended for and can create side effects which can redistribute fluids and metal salts into other areas of the body. Herbalix (http://www.herbalix.com) products use skin purging therapy to address lymphatic drainage. This approach is not just simply moving the lymph fluid but is designed to cleanse and remove the contaminated waste or trash.

Given the attendance at the AANP Herbalix products were well received partially because not only do we provide clinical trial evidence, but we also use the laws of physics based knowledge which scientists understand and recognize as credible.

It is important to bring everyone up to speed on the intrusion of aluminum in the body, where the sources of contamination are and how they are impacting the health of the nation. This information is available on the Herbalix website at www.Herbalix.com – along with a free lymphatic chart for your own use.

“While attending the AANP, one practitioner visited our booth and shared her recent experience with fighting breast cancer and how she selected her treatment options which included not getting a mammogram and no therapies. One of her tests showed elevated levels of cadmium. Her husband was puzzled as to how she had contracted breast cancer, since she practices what she recommends to her patients and maintains a very healthy lifestyle,” said Mike Fessler, Partner and vice president of Herbalix.

We told her that during a recent clinical trial that Herbalix had conducted, we found sources of metal toxicity evidence in the theromography scans. These metals pointed to earrings/piercings and dental metals which appear to be leaching down the neck and into the breast tissue. We have had such an inquiry from people wondering if their metal earrings are safe, that Herbalix plans to elicit a metallurgist to further analyze the safety of earrings.

“We all should know how to deal with aluminum accumulation and knowing how to purge this accumulation from the body is paramount. Herbalix products are not just for practitioners, but for all of us,” said Fessler.

When selecting a practitioner, it is wise to do some homework beforehand, to study and understand your body, which will help you interact with your practitioner and in this way you will be a part of the decision making process.

Mike Fessler, Director of Research, Herbalix Restoratives (www.Herbalix.com)

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