Are Crystal Deodorants Safe?

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Most people have been misled to believe that crystal rock deodorants are safe, aluminum-free products, when in fact, they contain aluminum, just like most brands of antiperspirants, and they are not good for your body. The crystal deodorant business is booming but they are misleading everybody. There are a few types of crystal rock deodorants: the so called natural form contains potassium alum and the synthetic form contains ammonium alum. You must read the ingredients on the labels because there is no way to tell the difference just by looking at these crystals. Knowing the different types of alum does not give you any peace of mind, in that both have no benefit to the body and they are all toxic (or dangerous).

What is known as aluminum-free deodorant is probably the most visible phrase you’ll see while walking down the natural deodorant aisle. And one popular natural deodorant is the crystal deodorant stones or sprays. But most people don’t know that these crystal deodorant products contain aluminum.

If you have been using commercial deodorants or antiperspirant products, make sure that you check the label to see if they contain any type of aluminum, alum, petroleum, any of all of which can lead to the buildup of chemicals in the lymph glands. This can result in irritation as well as hygiene problems, and may result in too much aluminum accumulation in our bodies. There are many reports of diseases and possible issues associated with aluminum toxicity such as Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

Crystal deodorant stones are made from alum. While there are different types of alums, the most widely form of alum used in the personal care industry is potassium alum (aka, potash alum). The true name of potassium alum is potassium aluminum sulfate.

Potassium aluminum sulfate is created through a process called hydrometallurgy where sulfuric acid is mixed with bauxite ore. The reaction between the two creates aluminum oxide, and this is then combined with potassium sulfate to form potassium aluminum sulfate. While potash alum does naturally occur in mineral deposits such as alunite and kalinite, the deodorant stones are not manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner. There is also the concern regarding the possibility of residual acid, which when mixed with the sweat of the underarm may create a chemical reaction. (acid vs alkaline)

There are reports showing that aluminum is found in high concentration in brain matter affected by Alzheimer’s, and researchers are still trying to find out if and how aluminum compounds work within the brain. Furthermore, some people want to avoid aluminum in deodorants because they have heard about the possible link to Alzheimer’s disease.

The aluminum compounds in antiperspirants and chemicals such as aluminum chlorohydrate are also estrogen mimickers. This means that they can throw off your hormonal balance. The toxicity of potassium alum is also high. So the bottom line is that using a deodorant stone means it is not aluminum-free and it contributes to toxicity in your body.

Formulated to attract and absorb metal ions and bacterium from your underarms, Herbalix Cleansing Detox Deodorant™ is the only aluminum-free deodorant for detox purposes, and it’s one of very few that can truly be called a natural deodorant because it does not contain any form of aluminum. Providing six to eight hours of safe and efficient absorption of debris the pure, organic detoxifying ingredients work at night while you sleep. For best results, use for thirty consecutive nights, followed with 2 to 3 nights a week to better control the level of aluminum accumulating in the underarms.

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