Herbalix Restoratives Attends Tenth Annversary Keele Meeting 2013 in the UK

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Port Ludlow, WA–(March 7, 2011)–Herbalix Restoratives, LLC announced the company attended the tenth anniversary Keele meeting, “Illuminating and Elucidating Aluminium’s Exposome: From Geochemistry to Neurochemistry, From Microbe to Man” from February 23 to 27, 2013 at the Norton Park Hotel, Winchester, England. The most important platform for presentation of research into all fields of aluminium, the Tenth Anniversary Keele Meeting was presented by The Birchall Centre, Lennard-Jones Laboratories, and Keele University. The organization’s aims remain to promote and communicate research into the myriad ways that aluminium impacts upon life.

“The Keele Meeting is a colligation of multiple aluminum toxicity studies and clinicals from which we can find further evidence relating to adverse health. Aluminum salts used to block the underarm as well as aluminum compositions in dental work can become accessories to diminishing breast health,” according to Michael Fessler, co-founder of Herbalix Restoratives, LLC. “The reduction of aluminum in the human body from these regions will help minimize health risks associated with aluminum metalloestrogens and oxidative ions cascading into the breasts.”

Aluminum is the third most abundant element within the crust of the earth, yet is not essential to plant life, animals or human beings. In fact, aluminum is arguably one of the world’s most serious ecotoxicants and has a role in limiting plant growth in acid sulphate soils. Aluminum (and alums) is one of the active ingredients in antiperspirants and is used in a variety of products. The National Institute of Health classifies aluminum as a neurotoxin. Numerous studies have shown a direct connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s as well as breast cancer.

Even if a person doesn’t use deodorants or antiperspirants, aluminum is abundant in our world, found in air, food, water, fertilizer, body care products, automobiles, medicines (vaccines), etc. In addition, numerous studies have shown that various ingredients in everyday household products, and even personal care items, are linked to everything from cancer to learning deficits, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Furthermore, there is an ongoing debate about how many toxins are released during the perspiration process. Antiperspirants are regulated as drugs because they change the physiological process of the body, acting like little ‘plugs’ to stop sweat – which also alters the natural temperature control and toxic releasing mechanism of the body.

With a growing body of new scientific research and a rising health-conscious public, the next generation of underarm health may be directed toward a natural organic deodorant that will safely absorb accumulated aluminum from antiperspirants, and various other sources, as well as other metal ions that may be stored in the glands under the arms.

Chris Exley, the lead organizer of the Keele Meeting said, “It is time we investigate aluminum and the lymphatics” Many of the attendees at the conference agreed that because of all the evidence pointing to breast issues in relation to aluminum toxicity, there is now enough evidence suggesting that the general population should take appropriate precautions in addressing aluminum contamination. This includes the products they are using and what is in their environment.

People are exposed to toxins every day of their lives. What they don’t breathe, they get in food, water and even in the products they use on their bodies. Some of these toxins are filtered through the body’s waste; however, many are stored in the body; specifically under the arms. Even though most people apply deodorants or antiperspirants to suppress sweat and prevent odor, suppressing sweat encourages the backup of bacteria and may affect the flow of lymph fluids. Antiperspirants contain aluminum as the active ingredient and are classified as drugs because they change the physiological process of the body, acting like little ‘plugs’ to stop sweat.

On the other hand, deodorants work differently than antiperspirants; they don’t actually prevent sweat but work by eradicating the bacteria, thus neutralizing the smell of sweat. However, various forms of alums and other chemicals are found in many deodorants. Crystal deodorant stones claim to be natural and aluminum-free, yet scientists tell us they are not aluminum-free, as they are made of either potassium alum or ammonium alum – and are categorized as aluminum according to aluminum manufacturers.

Herbalix Restoratives, through its extensive research of the underarm (axilla) and aluminum, has developed the first of its kind non-aluminum deodorant called the Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant™ for nighttime use, made with certified organic ingredients. Formulated to attract, absorb and cleanse bacterium and metal ions, including aluminum, from the underarms, detoxifying ingredients work at night and provide six to eight hours of safe and efficient absorption of accumulated debris and odors. What’s Under Your Arms?

Herbalix Restoratives Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant
encourages widening of the sweat ducts under the arms allowing the release of impeded waste fluids, resulting in alkalized underarm pH, allows for healthy lymphatic flow, and removes all types of aluminums, while encouraging a reduction in daytime odors.

According to Dr. Christopher Exley, an international authority on aluminum, “There is no difference in ‘safety’ between antiperspirants made of aluminium chlorohydrate (and related salts) and those made of alum (potassium aluminium sulphate), the so-called crystal ‘natural’ products.” He also confirms, “We know from research that aluminum applied under the arm appears in the urine, so it does permeate through the skin.”

About Herbalix Restoratives – http://www.herbalix.com
Herbalix Restoratives, LLC was founded in 1999 and is located in Port Ludlow, Washington, on the pristine Puget Sound. In addition to its Cleansing Detox Deodorant™, an aluminum free deodorant, the company manufactures daytime deodorants, Nubian goat’s milk soaps, skin moisturizers, shampoos, salves and more. Herbalix products are synthetic chemical and petroleum-free without parabens, phthalates, fillers, emulsifiers, synthetic fragrance or color, or anything derived from petroleum. Herbalix is suitable for the chemically sensitive and anyone concerned about chemicals in their personal care products. Every organic skin care product contains the Herbalix™ Botanical and Sea Vegetable Blend and eliminates the need for any synthetic preservatives.

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