Spring Cleaning: Herbalix Restoratives’ Organic Nubian Goats Milk Soaps

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–More health conscious, savvy consumers are demanding organic personal care products; market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 10.12 percent over the period 2012-2016–

Port Ludlow, WA (April 30, 2014) –Herbalix Restoratives, LLC, announced that due to an increase in consumer demand for organic personal care products, the company will offer discounts on its popular triclosan-free, organic skin care bar and liquid cleansing products for spring including its Fresh Goat’s Milk Cream Bar Soap and Botanical Liquid Hand Soap. Both soap products are based in farm-fresh Nubian goat’s milk and contain key vitamins and alpha-hydroxyl acids that naturally help neutralize free radicals. Goat’s milk also contains peptides that support natural collagen production, through ingredients that protect the skin and manage troublesome skin conditions.

According to TechNavio’s report, the Natural and Organic Personal Care Market in the US 2012-2016, the natural and organic personal care market in the US is slated to grow at a CAGR of 10.12 percent over the period 2012-2016. It also stated that a key factor associated with this market growth is more health conscious, savvy consumers.

“Hand washing with soap is an important defense against germs and helps promote healthy hygiene. Many soaps are made with harmful synthetic chemicals and additives, which can strip beneficial oils and irritate the skin, said Herbalix President Elizabeth Fessler. “Another thing to remember is the fact that many scientific studies have linked harmful chemicals to waterway pollution.”

Herbalix Restoratives’ Botanical Liquid Hand Soap is made with whole Nubian goat’s milk, is 99.99% effective against germs, non-drying and helps protect the skin from dryness, especially with frequent hand washing. The combination of sustainable plant based botanicals cleans and helps protect hands without drying them out, even after multiple washings. Recommended by naturopaths and dermatologists, the soaps contain no synthetic chemicals or petroleum, are free of parabens, sodium laurel/laureth sulfates, silicones, and are naturally biodegradable, phosphate free, and formulated without nanotechnology.

Herbalix liquid hand and bar soaps are available in two signature scents including Clary Sage and Tropical Cove, or No Added Fragrance for those who have olfactory sensitivities. The bar soap is also available in a Coriander Kelp Scrub Bar and one more scent – Ceremonial Sage.

“My husband has a problem with very dry skin and an itchy red scalp. He has seen a dermatologist for this condition and was treated with antibiotics, cortisone, shampoos and creams but with few results,” said Herbalix customer Linda Hatcher. “He started using your Herbalix Restoratives Goat’s Milk Cream Bar soap, just on his body and then applied the Herbalix No Added Fragrance cream moisturizer to his scalp. The results were great. The redness and itching disappeared.”

The Herbalix organic Nubian goats milk soap also includes saponified oils of coconut, olive, safflower, palm, rice bran, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, whole Nubian goat’s milk, filtered water, beeswax, and essential oils of coriander seed,*blood orange, *ginger *geranium,*lemon, *cinnamon bark, rosewood, *grapefruit, Himalayan cedarwood, *lavender, *rosemary essential oil, colloidal silver, sandalwood (sustainable), and the Herbalix™Organic Preservative. * Organic ingredients

Herbalix uses packaging that is safe, ingredient-protective, and environmentally sound. The BPA-free leach-free packaging ensures that the products remain free of phthalates and other second-hand synthetic chemicals. Herbalix boxes are also fully recyclable.

About Herbalix Restoratives (http://www.herbalix.com)

Herbalix Restoratives, LLC was founded in 1999 and is located in Port Ludlow, Washington, on the beautiful Puget Sound. In addition to its Detox Cleansing Deodorant™, an aluminum-free deodorant, the company manufactures daytime deodorants, Nubian goat’s milk soaps, skin moisturizers, shampoos, salves and more. Herbalix products are synthetic chemical and petroleum-free without parabens, phthalates, fillers, emulsifiers, synthetic fragrance or color, or anything derived from petroleum. Herbalix is suitable for the chemically sensitive and anyone concerned about chemicals in their personal care products. Every organic skin care product contains the Herbalix™ Botanical and Sea Vegetable Blend and eliminates the need for any synthetic preservatives.

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